Other Devotional Resources

Below are some internet devotions we recommend to you to continue receiving daily devotions after Growing in Discipleship stops publishing on October 25.

Seedbed Devotions: http://dailytext.seedbed.com/

seedbedDaily devotions from a wonderfully Wesleyan perspective. According to their website, “Each day offers a short Bible text and a small bit of what we call ‘devotional commentary’ written by Seedbed’s Sower-In-Chief, J.D. Walt.” Along the right side of the webpage you will find a place called “Receive Daily Text In Your Inbox.” Give your email address and hit subscribe and you will be receiving those devotions each day.

The Upper Room online: http://devotional.upperroom.org/emaildevotional

upper roomThe Upper Room is the daily devotional produced by the General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church. It is the one you find in printed form in the literature rack in the Great Room of Tri-Lakes United Methodist Church. You can have that emailed to you every day, or receive the publication electronically. There are several options to receive it on their website: http://devotional.upperroom.org/emaildevotional. Click on over to find out more.

Common Prayer: http://commonprayer.net/

Common PrayerFrom their website: “Common Prayer is a tapestry of daily prayers inviting faith communities from around the world to pray, sing, and act together. At this site, you’ll find prayers for every evening, morning, and midday that celebrate the best of the Christian tradition and engage with the most pressing issues of our world today… There’s a calendar to help us remember our saints and landmark dates in the struggle for peace and justice. And there’s a collection of prayers for special occasions.” Pastors Bob and Joe have each used this from time to time and have found it fruitful.


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