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Date: Monday, October 20

ScripturePsalm 96

Verse: Sing to the Lord! Bless his name! Share the news of his saving work every single day! (Psalm 96:2)

thumbs upI have recently seen a movie, tried and restaurant, and started reading a book, all due to recommendations of friends. One who told me they had seen a movie they thought I might like. They were right. I did. Another told me about a restaurant that I hadn’t tried before, which they thought I might like. Again, they were right. Another recommended a book saying they thought it was something I might like. Unfortunately, that friend was wrong. After an hour or so of slogging through a couple of chapters, I put it aside. Oddly, the book recommendation came from the one I would consider the best friend. They just missed the mark on that one, but it didn’t change my opinion of the friend. He is still the one I would say knows me best of the three.

While we are quick to talk to others about trivial things like food and entertainment we have enjoyed, we are often reluctant to offer the same people our experience with Christ. Psalm 96 encourages us to do just the opposite. Not only should we be telling our friends about our relationship to God, we should be sharing it with the nations (Psalm 96:3) every single day (Psalm 96:2). This is our call as people of faith, the mission to which we have been called.

I know there are times when I’m afraid to share my faith because I am concerned people will think differently of me. Maybe I could do it the same way I offer a recommendation: “I went to church on Sunday and I was moved by the sermon about…” or “Today in my devotions I read about…” That is so non-threatening. Simply a way of talking the way I would about trivial things. While they may not like the movie/book/restaurant as much as I do, or may find faith a cold practice because they are not receptive to the moving of the spirit around them, I can still make the recommendation. May I be so bold with the thing that matters most in my life, my life’s journey with Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Encourage me, O God, to “share the news of [your] saving work every single day. Amen.

Action: Consider how you might talk about your faith this week, the same way you might make a recommendation about entertainment.

Respond: When have you seen a movie, read a book, tried a restaurant on the recommendation of a friend, and just hated what they thought was so good?

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