Teaching in accordance with truth

Date: Tuesday, October 6

ScriptureLuke 20:20-26

Verse: They asked him, “Teacher, we know that you are correct in what you say and teach. You don’t show favoritism but teach God’s way as it really is. (Luke 20:21)

I have recently been writing instructions for some processes I do in the church, so that others will be able to complete them in my absence. I find this a difficult and tedious process because no matter how hard I try, when I write instructions for that which is fairly simple, they come out appearing to be incredibly complicated. Comedian Brian Regan does a hilarious piece about this very phenomenon when discussing the directions on the side of a Pop-Tarts box for how to toast a Pop-Tart (watch it below, or on YouTube here).

Talk about taking something simple and making it extremely complicated.

In our scripture lesson today, the spies sent by the legal experts and chief priests to question Jesus say the opposite about him. According to them Jesus teaches God’s way as it really is. While these questioners are actually trying to discredit Jesus, we know this is something that others said about him as well. For example we read elsewhere that Jesus taught with an authority unlike the other teachers they knew (see Matthew 7:29 for example). He didn’t overly complicate things. He simply told it like it is.

I don’t want to say our faith is simple — I am so thankful for Biblical scholars and theologians who are constantly seeking more and more information — but I wonder if we don’t unnecessarily muddy the water at times. Like the instructions on the side of the Pop-Tarts box, our desire to be precise, actually makes “the Way” harder to follow. Jesus spoke the truth in ways his disciples could understand. We need to do the same as we share with others the remarkable things Jesus has done in our lives.

Prayer: Teach me, Lord Jesus, to share clearly the difference you have made in my life. Amen.

Action: Take notice of directions you see. How do they help? How do they make things appear more complicated than they actually are?

Respond: When have you seen/received instructions which made things harder rather than simpler?

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