The Way to Holiness

Date: Monday, September 29

ScriptureIsaiah 35:1-10

Verse: “A highway will be there. It will be called The Holy Way. The unclean won’t travel on it but it will be for those walking on that way. Even fools won’t get lost on it.” (Isaiah 35:8)

GoodDayIt is so easy to get caught up in the negative conversations around us every day. They seem to be everywhere. But some people seem to be able to find the good in everything. I admire those who can find the real good, while acknowledging the reality which is not always good. I know some who come across an empty lot and see not only what has been, but the garden, park, or baseball field that is possible. Or people who see not the politics in the office, but the individual people who are giving their all toward the success of the company. Or the people who in the midst of a disaster can find the graces in the first responders, the fortunate circumstance, the places where God is loving on people even in the struggle.

In today’s passage we read a huge break in the prophet Isaiah’s thought process. One Bible commentator titles her thoughts on this passage, “This text shouldn’t be here.” In the verses immediately preceding, Isaiah is prophesying about a war that is to come which is going to bring about untold devastation — the ground will become sulfur, thorns and weeds will grow where palaces and fortresses once stood. It is going to be bad. Then suddenly in chapter 35, everything changes. There will be a way, a new way, a holy way, which will run through the mess.

In some sense, isn’t this what it means to be a Christian today? We know the world isn’t all it was created to be. We know the world around us is a mess. We see brokenness, sin, pain, and more. Yet we also know there is a way. We know there is a path of restoration, renewal, and resurrection all around us every moment. We just need to choose to see it, to walk in that way rather than any other.

Prayer: Show me your way today, O God, so I might walk in it. Amen.

Action: In the day ahead, search diligently for the positive, stay away from the negative talk around us.

Respond: Do you have those positive people in your life? How do they help? What have they taught you about your life?

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About Joe Iovino

Christian, husband & father, Associate Pastor in Monument CO, guitar player, motorcyclist, Mets fan.
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