God is to be praised

Date: Friday, September 19

ScriptureDaniel 6:25-28

Verse: I now issue this command: In every region of my kingdom, all people must fear and revere Daniel’s God because: He is the living God. God stands firm forever. His kingship is indestructible. God’s rule will last until the end of time.

peek_a_boo_baby“Hindsight,” they say, “is 20/20.” Meaning that sometimes we don’t see things clearly until we gain some distance from them. I can think of times I have looked back on the resolution of situation and suddenly realize, “Wow! God answered my prayer.” It’s funny, it seems no matter how many times God has answered prayers before, I can still be surprised when he does it again. Like the toddler who is thrilled to see your face appear from behind the blanket during a game of peekaboo, I am so thrilled when I get to see the face of God at work in my life.

When Daniel comes out from his night in the lions’ den unscathed, King Darius is convinced that Daniel’s God is the one, true God. So he mandates to have all people fear and worship God. What an amazing decree because of an amazing experience. Darius witnessed first hand just how great God is, and he wanted everyone to worship.

We’ve been there, right? God answers our prayer and we are in awe. It is an amazing experience. But sometimes we miss it because we don’t take enough time to look back on what we have prayed for. Consider a prayer journal, where you can track some of your prayers. If you already have one, go back and take a look at some of the stuff you were praying for months ago. You just might be surprised to find that those prayers have already been answered in a miraculous way!

Prayer: Thank you Lord Jesus, for meeting me in my need time after time. Amen.

Action: Reflect on some of your prayers over the past 6 months. Where have you seen answers?

Respond: Have you been surprised by God’s answer to your prayer?

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About Joe Iovino

Christian, husband & father, Associate Pastor in Monument CO, guitar player, motorcyclist, Mets fan.
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