Do it again

Date: Tuesday, September 9

Scripture1 Kings 18:41-46

Verse: He said to his assistant, “Please get up and look toward the sea.” So the assistant did so. He said, “I don’t see anything.” Seven times Elijah said, “Do it again.” (1 Kings 18:43)

Rain_cloudLiving in Colorado these past 9 years, I have learned to read the clouds. When doing something outside in the summer, I have often seen those telling clouds, off in the distance with those telling lines beneath them. Those clouds are a sign that rain is coming our way. It might be an hour or more, but we can be pretty sure the rain will come.

Elijah has just been in a battle with the local prophets about whose god is really going to come through for the people. Of course, Elijah’s God, the true God, is the one who comes through. The people are ready to worship, but there is still the drought to deal with, which is the subject of today’s reading. Much like Honi, the story Pastor Bob shared in Sunday’s sermon, Elijah prays for rain. Periodically, he sends his assistant out to go and look for the rain. Six times the assistant returns and says, “Ummm… I don’t see anything.” Elijah just keeps praying, and six times says to the assistant, “Do it again.” Finally, on his seventh time out to check for rain, he sees a small cloud. Elijah knows this is it, and sends word to the king that the drought is ending.

Elijah was praying for the end of a drought when off in the distance he sees “a small cloud.” It wasn’t exactly what he had been praying for, but Elijah knew exactly what it was — a sign that God was coming through — and he springs into action. I wonder how often I have missed the small clouds, the signs of God’s provision. When we continue praying and returning again and again to look for God’s answer, he often gives us lenses to see the ways he is blessing us. We might not always get everything we pray for, but when we keep praying, we begin to notice all the ways God is with us and for us.

Prayer: Give me eyes to see, O God, the small clouds in the distance showing me your provision for my life. Amen.

Action: Consider starting a prayer journal, a place where you can write down what you are praying for. You might be surprised to find just how often God is answering your prayers.

Respond: Has God ever given you a sign he was answering your prayer? Your story will inspire someone else. Share it below.

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