The Lord gives

Date: Monday, September 8

ScripturePsalm 84

Verse: The Lord is a sun and shield; God is favor and glory. The Lord gives—doesn’t withhold!—good things to those who walk with integrity. (Psalm 84:11)

meter_toogoodIf it seems too good to be true, it probably is. There is no such thing as a free lunch. The Ethiopian prince from whom you just received an email doesn’t exist, neither does that foreign lottery you supposedly won without entering. We’ve been trained to sniff out a scam, and to beware of those phishing (the scary internet way people try to get us to give them information) for our bank account information. We know we don’t receive things for no reason. We are wary of the strings that will be attached.

Today’s psalm teaches us the exception to that rule. God provides good things for us, simply out of his deep love for us. He invites us into his house, his presence. He gives us a place to belong, provides for us in our need and doesn’t withhold good things from us. In the presence of God we receive peace, rest, and joy without deserving it. Better is one day in his presence than years elsewhere.

There are days when we can find ourselves keeping our distance from God. We get nervous about giving our lives to him because we are afraid of what he might ask us to do. We wonder if today will be the day he loses his patience with us, and all the blessings disappear. We fear God might decide to withhold from us until we do something for him. In short, sometimes we fear God is going to act like us, and want something from us before he will bless. The psalmist reminds us this is not how God works. Rather, “The Lord gives—doesn’t withhold!—good things to those who walk with integrity.”

Prayer: Forgive me, O God, when I keep my distance, and thank you for always being willing to shower good things upon me. Amen.

Action: Worship with the song posted below, and HERE.

Respond: What phishing scams have you come across?

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“Better Is One Day” — A portion of Psalm 84 set to music.
Can’t see the video? Click here.


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One Response to The Lord gives

  1. Llsa says:

    I keep thinking too about Pastor Bob’s words yesterday about how praying is also LISTENING.

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