A great yield

Date: Saturday, September 6

ScriptureMatthew 13:3-9

Verse: Other seed fell on good soil and bore fruit, in one case a yield of one hundred to one, in another case a yield of sixty to one, and in another case a yield of thirty to one. (Matthew 13:8)

prayerI don’t have a green thumb, and don’t particularly like doing yard work, but my lawn looks great this year, better than it ever has in my 9 years of living in Colorado Springs. Those living here know this is not because of something I did differently, but rather because we have had more rain this summer. Despite my attempts at watering in years past, our lawn ended up brown and patchy. This year though, through nothing I have done, our grass is green and thick.

Today’s reading, Jesus’ parable of the planting farmer, uses similar imagery with which we can relate in regards to our prayer lives. Sometimes our prayers can feel like throwing seed, not knowing where it will take root. We pray for God to provide, and sometimes he does, but sometimes he doesn’t. We pray for peace that doesn’t come. We pray for the poor, but continue to hear stories of poverty. We sometimes wonder why we bother praying, as a farmer would feel watching his seeds get carried away by birds, die from too much sun, or get choked out by weeds. But then there are times when we get to see evidence of the effectiveness of our prayers, as the yield is 100 times what we had expected.

We’ve been talking this week about asking for what we need, knowing God can come through in big ways. But we have also experienced times when God says “no,” or “not yet,” and we cannot allow that to discourage us from prayer. Sometimes our prayers “work,” and sometimes they don’t, but all of our prayers build our relationship with God. They remind us of our need for him, and the ways he is at work in our lives. Prayer is not about getting what you want, but about entering into what God wants in the world. Sometimes our prayers take root and grow, and sometimes they don’t.

Prayer: Gracious God, encourage me in my prayer life even when I don’t get what I want. Amen.

Action: Continue in your prayer routine. Ask for what you want. Work toward it. Stay connected to God.

Respond: When has God not come through on a prayer for you?

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