More than expected

Date: Wednesday, September 3

ScriptureJohn 6:1-14

Verse: One of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, said, “A youth here has five barley loaves and two fish. But what good is that for a crowd like this?” (John 6:8-9)

Praying God Sized PrayersI’ve been praying for world peace a lot lately. Sometimes it rings in my ears like the cliché Miss America contestant’s answer to those inane questions they are asked. I used to shy away from praying for things like that, assuming if God wanted peace he would simply bring it. Knowing I’m not in a position to do anything to bring peace to the world I thought it as a fruitless prayer. But then I remembered, as we talked about on Monday, that we should pray God-sized prayers, asking for what we want no matter how big the request.

Imagine being Phillip on the hillside that day. 5,000 people have gathered to listen to Jesus, a fantastic day, but then Jesus leans over and whispers to Phillip, “Where will we buy food to feed these people?” Feeding them wasn’t on Phillip’s radar. He does some quick math in his head and realizes the request is ridiculous. Andrew then steps in after assessing what they have and says, “A youth here has five barley loaves and two fish. But what good is that for a crowd like this?” The need far exceeds their resources. Then Jesus does something only Jesus could do. He feeds 5,000 people with five dinner rolls and two small fish, and when all is said and done, there is more left over then he started with.

This is why we continue to pray for world peace. This is why we continue to work toward ending homelessness, hunger, and illness in the world. This is why we pray and donate for clean water for people in underdeveloped nations. This is why we sponsor children living in need in other nations. This is why we send kids on mission trips to reservations. We know the need far exceeds our resources, but when we are working within God’s will, He can do amazing things with what little we have.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, hear my prayer for the needs that exceed my resources, and give me the courage to work for what I pray for. Amen.

Action: Pray today asking for what you want, even if the need is far greater than our resources to solve it.

Respond: Do you pray for a problem that is impossible for us to solve on our own?

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