What has God given?

Date: Friday, August 8

ScriptureExodus 16:31-36

Verse: The Israelite people called it manna. It was like coriander seed, white, and tasted like honey wafers. (Exodus 16:31)

what-is-thisAre you know a picky eater? I’m not, but I know several who want to know every ingredient in every meal. For some, that is a necessity: allergies and intolerances can make one ill or miserable. For others, it is a matter of taste. We each have some foods that for some reason, we just don’t want anywhere near us. Imagine being a picky eater living among the Israelites following Moses through the wilderness. God has provided you with food, it’s there on the ground for you to gather up. You might not have found that very appetizing.

When we hear of manna and we think of God’s provision, but the word actually means something else. It comes from the Hebrew word man which means “What?” So our best guess is that when the people saw this white substance on the ground they asked, “What in the world is this?,” which in Hebrew must have sounded something like manna. This weird, flaky substance may not have looked like much, but it was the miracle for which they had prayed. God was providing food for them in the desert. Precooked bread falling from the sky might have been what they asked for (or maybe ice cream), but God was providing something better. It wasn’t what they expected. but then again isn’t that just like God?

We need to keep our eyes open for God at work in our lives. He is here meeting our needs, answering our prayers. Sometimes. though, it is not in the way we expect. The next time something happens in your life you don’t understand, and you are looking at it saying, “What in the world is this?,” it might just be manna – an answer to prayer.

Prayer: Thank you God for understanding what I need far better than I do, and meeting me in it. Amen.

Action: Consider starting a prayer journal. Write down what you are praying for. You might be surprised to find out just how often God is answering your prayers in ways you weren’t expecting.

Respond: When have you had an “aha” moment of realization that God was answering a prayer and you had almost missed it because you expected something else?

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