Perfect instruction

Date: Saturday, June 28

ScripturePsalm 19:7-11

Verse: The Lord’s Instruction is perfect, reviving one’s very being. The Lord’s laws are faithful, making naive people wise… No doubt about it: your servant is enlightened by them; there is great reward in keeping them. (Psalm 19:7, 11)

Has every parent read this book?

Has every parent read this book?

I remember when we were getting ready to have our first child. My wife and I began to voraciously read books about pregnancy and childcare. Having not been through it before we wanted to know what to expect, what was normal, and to gain some information to help us get ready for the life change that was about to come. All of the knowledge was great, but it would have been of little consequence if we had never put it into action. In the same vein, reading a book on running doesn’t burn nearly as many calories as running, you will never learn to play that instrument simply by simply reading about it, and that book about that project won’t get it done without you doing something about it. We have to put what we learn into practice.

We opened this week talking about how Joshua was instructed to read all of Moses’ instructions continually in order to be the leader God was calling him to be (Monday’s devo). As the psalmist writes in today’s reading, “The Lord’s instruction is perfect.” We need to spend time reading and knowing God’s word. Then, as we read in verse 11, “there is great reward in keeping them.” It is not enough just to know it, we also have to live it.

Information is good, and we need to continually seek to know God and His Word better every day. But it is of little use if we never put it into practice. We must seek God’s instruction, then follow it. Only then we will know the reward we have in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Prayer: Teach me your way, O God, and encourage me to follow in it. Amen.

Action: What have you been waiting to do when you knew enough about it? Now is the time to put what you know into practice.

Respond: What instruction books have you read over the years that have been of great value to you?

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