Proper attire

Date: Wednesday, June 25

ScriptureRomans 13:11-14

Verse: Instead, dress yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ, and don’t plan to indulge your selfish desires. (Romans 13:14)

Who are you wearing?

Who are you wearing?

Every year at the Oscars, and other awards shows, the people on the red carpet are often asked, “Who are you wearing?” Joan Rivers has made a second career out of asking that question, and critiquing how people are dressed for these occasions. It’s a weird question, but it has become an acceptable way for celebrities and models to have the opportunity to give credit to the designer of the gown that often has been made especially for them. It is amazing how much emphasis we put on clothes.

Today’s reading uses the analogy of getting ready for a celebration for our journey of faith. When we come to Christ, we have been awakened, and now it is time to get ready for the party to come — the banquet awaiting us in the Kingdom of God. We are walking away from the party of the night when we fulfilled our selfish desires, and are now preparing for a celebration in the light of day. This invitation to Jesus’ party closes with suggested attire: Jesus: “dress yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Every day we are a step closer to the Kingdom of God (vs 11), and our goal as the days approach is to continue to get ready, by putting on Jesus. Maybe today we would say wrapping ourselves in Jesus. We are called to move beyond ourselves and our own desires, and to allow Christ to live in and through us, to be the people he has called us to be, to allow others to see Jesus in us. Who are you wearing: Jesus or you?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, live in me so that others will see you in what I say and what I do. Amen.

Action: The next time you get dressed, whisper a prayer about putting on Christ to face the day.

Respond: Have you ever been over- or under-dressed for an event?

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