Using his gift of dreams

Date: Thursday, June 12

ScriptureGenesis 41:1-36

Verse: Joseph answered Pharaoh, “It’s not me. God will give Pharaoh a favorable response.” (Genesis 41:16)

Dreaming II by Kristin Krahmer © copyright 2010  Kristin's Fine Art

“Dreaming II” by Kristin Krahmer © copyright 2010 Kristin’s Fine Art (click to go to the artist’s website). Used by permission.

I am not one who remembers my dreams, but I know for others they can be quite powerful. Sometimes they are entertaining, sometimes frightening, and other times they can be quite powerful. In dreams problems are solved, revelations are had, and every once in a while the dreamer receives a message from God.

In today’s reading Joseph uses his gift for interpreting dreams in the way it was intended. Notice how this time, as opposed to earlier in the week when he was bragging to his brothers, he deflects the credit for his gift away from himself and toward God. God then uses Joseph’s gift in a powerful way. Years of the effects of famine are avoided in Egypt because God warns the people through Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream. Joseph is also given the opportunity to use his gifts for management, which we saw in his quick rise to becoming the head of his slave master’s home, to help Egypt prepare for the years when there will be no food. As Joseph begins to use his gifts well, his whole life turns around. Rather than being sold into slavery or thrown in prison, this humbler Joseph becomes a leader and a hero — giving the credit to God all along the way.

What would it mean for you to begin using your gifts for the glory of God rather than self? How might your business acumen help a charity,  or your computer skills help your church? How might your gifts for compassion help your neighbor, or your listening skill be used for a member of your family? How might God want you to use your love of baking or scrapbooking or movies or books? God has gifted you. Use those gifts to glorify God. It might just turn your life around.

Prayer: Teach me, Holy Spirit, to use my gifts to glorify you. Amen.

Action: Make a plan to use one of your gifts in a new way. And if you are one who remembers your dreams, consider using a dream journal so you can go back to them.

Respond: When has a dream been important to you?

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