Falsely accused

Date: Wednesday, June 11

ScriptureGenesis 39:6b-23

Verse: Joseph’s master took him and threw him in jail, the place where the king’s prisoners were held. While he was in jail, the Lord was with Joseph and remained loyal to him. (Genesis 39:20-21a)

Tim Timmons, singer-songwriter

Tim Timmons, singer-songwriter

Life isn’t always fair. Sometimes, even when you are doing what’s right, things go wrong. You work very hard with a team to get a project in on time, and when the deadline isn’t met you are the one called in to the meet with the supervisor. Despite all you do to try to restore a relationship, everything you say is misinterpreted as mean. Although the rumors are completely untrue and don’t even make sense, everyone seems to believe them anyway. While driving safely, someone pulls out in front of you and there is an accident. You eat healthy and exercise regularly, yet you are the one with the difficult diagnosis. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things go wrong.

Joseph, having been sold into slavery, successfully denies the advances of his master’s wife. Time and again she tries to seduce him, and he turns her down. Although he still has a healthy ego, he is able to recognize that giving into her desires would be a sin against God and the homeowner, each of whom have taken very good care of him. Despite doing it right, his master’s wife accuses him of doing what he would not do, and Joseph is thrown in jail. Then comes this subtle line we need to remember when things are not going well, “While he was in jail, the Lord was with Joseph.” God went to jail with him, and he goes with you into the supervisor’s office, into the difficult relationship, through the rumors, in the accident, through the chemotherapy, and whatever other struggle you find yourself in.

Singer-songwriter Tim Timmons was diagnosed more than 10 years ago with an incurable cancer. It has changed the way he writes and prays. In the video below (or on YouTube here), he asks us this question: “What if Jesus is still on the move and actually at work in and through my cancer?” God was still at work in and through Joseph’s imprisonment, in Tim Timmons’ cancer battle, and he is still at work in your struggles too.

Prayer: Teach me, Lord Jesus, to continue to trust you even when things go wrong. Amen.

Action: Watch the Tim Timmons video below, as he tells the story of the song, “Cast My Cares.”

Respond: When have you had things go wrong despite your best efforts?

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