Running away

Date: Wednesday, June 4

ScriptureGenesis 27:41-28:5

Verse: So now, my son, listen to me: Get up and escape to my brother Laban in Haran. Live with him for a short while until your brother’s rage subsides (Genesis 27:43-44)

graceGrace can feel like it is on short supply in our world. We are taught from a fairly young age that in order to experience privilege, we need to perform well. When we were in elementary school, if we did not turn in our homework we were not allowed to go outside at recess. Later, if our grades were not up to par, we were not allowed to run track or play on the softball team. At work, we have to meet certain sales or other goals or else our bonus will suffer. With all of that history, it is understandable how we might assume God operates similarly. I have heard from several who say they struggle with faith in God, because they fear what he will do with their disobedience.

Two things happen in this story with Jacob we need to remember. First, Jacob suffers the consequences of his actions. While Rebekah tells Jacob he will only be gone “a short while,” he is gone long enough to get married, have kids, and build an adult life. We assume his mother dies while he is gone, as we are never told they had a reunion. But second, Jacob still has God’s blessing (see Genesis 28:3-4). Although the blessing he receives from God does not exempt him from the consequences of his behavior, suffering estrangement from his family, God does not leave him. The same is true for us. Though we may be experiencing the consequences of our sin, God has not left us.

I once heard a preacher talk about grace by using this question, “Do you need to get cleaned up to take a bath?” Of course not! But often we want to work to make our lives presentable before we come to God. So we end up battling our demons alone, working to conquer our addictions without God, trying to solve our financial/relationship/personal problems on our own before giving it over to God. Instead, God tells us to come, as the old gospel song says, “Just as I am.” If you have that sin/mistake/struggle that keeps you from God, bow now and give it to God. God will then give you a bath, just as you are, and set you on his path in Jesus Christ. 

Prayer: Thank you God for staying with me, even when I am running from you. Amen.

Action: One of the best ways to understand God’s grace is to extend grace to someone in your life. To whom do you need to model God’s grace today?

Respond: When have you seen the grace of God at work in the life of another?

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One Response to Running away

  1. Joe Iovino says:

    I have edited this post to correct an error. I had originally said that Isaac dies while Jacob is away. That is not correct. Sorry for the error.

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