A blessing meant for another

Date: Tuesday, June 3

ScriptureGenesis 27:1-29

Verse: May the nations serve you, may peoples bow down to you. / Be the most powerful man among your brothers, and may your mother’s sons bow down to you. / Those who curse you will be cursed, and those who bless you will be blessed. (Genesis 27:29)


Rupert Boneham of Survivor

I am not a fan of the television show Survivor — I have not seen a complete episode — but I am aware of Rupert. In the 2003 season, Rupert was voted off the island, which caused quite a stir. He was an overwhelming fan favorite, and people were so disappointed he did not win as they thought he deserved, he has been invited back to participate in the contest 3 more times. During one of those contests, the producers held a fan-favorite contest, which Rupert won the prize of $1 million. If, like me, you didn’t watch Survivor, you can probably relate to having seen the wrong person win, dare I say at the Super Bowl, or on American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, or America’s Got Talent. It can be very frustrating.

In so many ways, Esau is the wrong person to be voted off the island. He is the oldest. He should win. Yet he sells his birthright for some stew, as we read yesterday, and loses the blessing that was meant for him. Not only that, Jacob, the winner, cheats. He takes advantage of his brother to get the birthright, and colludes with his mother to steal the blessing meant for Esau. How could God honor that?

The truth is, God often blesses those we see as the wrong people. Isaac was the younger brother, so was Jacob. David was the youngest of his siblings, and not even in the royal line when he became king. The disciples were fishermen and tax collectors, not religious leaders, and Paul was persecuting the church when God called him. Yet God used them in tremendous ways. What we see as the “wrong person,” is often the right person in God’s eyes.

Maybe you feel like you are the wrong person as well. “How could God use me,” you think, “when I have sinned so often and don’t read my Bible enough?” Maybe you look at others who are farther along in their spiritual journey and, like a little brother, think you are undeserving of God’s favor compared to them. While we need to work on our sinful selves and our lives of discipleship, know that God is not counting you out. God uses the “wrong” people in our eyes, to bring glory to him.

Prayer: Teach me, Lord Jesus, that while I may feel like the younger brother, you have a plan for me. Amen.

Action: Ask God to show you his vision for your life.

Respond: When has the wrong person won on one of those contest shows or in another arena?

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