Confused language

Date: Monday, May 19

ScriptureGenesis 11:1-9

Verse: Then the Lord came down to see the city and the tower that the humans built. (Genesis 11:5)

awesome-braggingWe see a lot of attempts to be impressive every day. At work there always seems to be that one person who consistently goes too far above and beyond what is required in order to get noticed. At school there seems to always be the one who gets their engineer parents to design their mousetrap car. Many engage in gossip to impress others with what they know about a friend or situation. Many of us have a strong need to impress, to be recognized for our achievements, to be told we have done a good job and thereby are good people.

Unfortunately, for some of us this carries over into our relationship with God. We want to impress God with our faith, our skill, our knowledge. It takes us a while to learn, we aren’t going to impress God. We don’t need to. He loves us as we are.

In today’s reading, the people have decided to build a tower up to God. They are trying to make a name for themselves, they say. They are trying to impress God. The wordplay in verse 5 speaks volumes about our best efforts. God “came down” to check out what the humans had done. While the people swelled with pride over the tower to the sky they had created, we are told they didn’t even come close to reaching God. God instead had to come down to even notice this cute little tower, compared to the majesty of God.

All our efforts to impress God are futile, and unnecessary. What God wants from us is a relationship with him. Maybe that is what the scattered language bit is about. God knows it is far more important for us to stay in communication with him, than it is to try to get together to do something that impresses him.

Prayer: Teach me, O God, to stop trying to impress you, and simple be able to rest in your love. Amen.

Action: Become aware of the ways you try to be impressive. Some are appropriate, but which ones aren’t? Which are causing you to sin?

Respond: When have you tried to be “impressive” only to find your efforts didn’t quite measure up?

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