Noah obeys

Date: Tuesday, May 6

ScriptureGenesis 6:11-22

Verse: Noah did everything exactly as God commanded him. (Genesis 6:22)

Plan AI like to have a Plan B. I think most of us do. We think through contingency plans, in case our first choice doesn’t work out. We go for our dreams, but not without an alternate plan for what we would do if things don’t go as planned. We want to know what we’ll do on the camping trip if it rains, what will happen if our kids’ Little League team loses the game, or what we will do if we lose our jobs. Most of the time it is wise to have a Plan B, but sometimes God calls us to fully trust him and follow his plans.

It has always struck me how “all in” Noah is with God’s plan. Did he ever consider building a trailer for the ark to take it down to the lake on weekends — just in case the rains never came? The text certainly doesn’t lean that way. Without really knowing everything to which God is calling him, Noah just gets to work, doing “everything exactly as God commanded him.” Noah sticks with plan A the entire time.

I don’t know about you, but that would have been, and often is, difficult for me. I want to know God’s entire plan. I want to see the storm clouds gathering before I start building a boat and gathering animals. I want to follow God closely, but I also want a Plan B, just in case it doesn’t work out with God the way I expect. Again, I don’t think this is an absolute with every aspect of our lives, but when God is calling us to his work, we would do well to abandon Plan B (which, by the way, is usually our plan) and simply follow his – doing “everything exactly as God command[s].”

Prayer: Give me the courage, O God, to abandon Plan B. Amen.

Action: Think through some of your emergency/contingency plans.

Respond: For what kinds of things should we have a Plan B? Answer by clicking “Leave a Comment” or “1 (or more) Comment” below.
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Christian, husband & father, Associate Pastor in Monument CO, guitar player, motorcyclist, Mets fan.
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