The Problem

Date: Monday, May 5

ScriptureGenesis 6:5-8 – Links are to the Common English Bible this week. Let me know what you think.

Verse: The Lord regretted making human beings on the earth, and he was heartbroken. (Genesis 6:6)


How many of us have been taught this story.

Many of us think of Noah’s ark as a children’s story. We have seen boats filled with cute animals painted on the walls of nurseries, in picture books, and even in figurines. For that reason, many of us have not revisited the story since our first grade Sunday School class, thinking we know it well. Actually, this is no children’s story. It is the story that begins with our sin, which is right where we left off last week.

As a youth pastor I have had several opportunities to sit with parents who have been devastated by the actions of their teenage and young adult children. Despite having been raised to know right from wrong, the kids have chosen to do things which have harmed themselves and others. Nearly every parent I have sat with in these difficult times could be described as heartbroken. Often the children see their parents as angry, “They’re gonna kill me!” but I see heartbreak.

Heartbroken. In today’s reading God is described as heartbroken by our sin. He is described as frustrated with human beings’ propensity for evil thoughts and actions. John Wesley, in language that makes me smile today, wrote that sin is “the state of every ‘natural man’ whether he be a gross, scandalous transgressor, or a more reputable and decent sinner” (“The Spirit of Bondage and Adoption,” I.8). You and I need to recognize that we are sinners, even if reputable and decent ones.

God’s response to our sin is heartbreak. He is saddened we have chosen a route apart from him. He knows where our sin leads, and despite all efforts to keep us from it, we have chosen it anyway. Like a child making bad choices, our sin breaks the heart of our heavenly father. How he longs for you and I to restore our relationship with him, and live in his way.

Prayer: Forgive me, O God, for breaking your heart. Teach me to walk in your ways. Amen.

Action: Meditate on how you have broken God’s heart. From that place, lift a prayer of confession, asking for God’s forgiveness.

Respond: How does the image of God’s heart being broken by our sin affect your thinking sin and obedience? Answer by clicking “Leave a Comment” or “1 (or more) Comment” below.
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2 Responses to The Problem

  1. Lisa says:

    I have a lot of junk from my childhood that is resurfacing right now: the stuff that turned me into a perfectionist/procrastinator. I over-try a lot of the time because of it. It would help me to narrow things down to remember that God is the one I need to focus on, not the other stuff.

  2. Joe Iovino says:

    I think there are many of us in that spot – trying to impress God with our obedience. Then when we recognize our own sin, we either beat ourselves up for falling short or end up giving up trying. Seeing our sin as something which saddens God, seems to have a much different effect on me.

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