Jesus calls a group

Date: Tuesday, April 1

ScriptureMatthew 4:18-22

Verse: Immediately they left the boat and their father, and followed him. (Matthew 4:22)

Much self-help, how-to-be-successful literature tells us the “self-made” individual is a bit of a myth. While many people become successful through sheer hustle and determination, they also have had mentors to follow. We benefit greatly by learning from the example and mistakes, of those who have been successful in our field and others. We also learn, according to those same experts, by being that example for someone else. In other words, most successful people live life following the example of one, and leading by example for the benefit of another. This is also the model for discipleship Jesus shares with us.

Jesus-disciplesOne of the very first things Jesus does, according to the gospel accounts of his ministry, is call a group of disciples. These 12 share ministry with him. Note that their role is to follow him, as he follows God – a model the Apostle Paul picks up on and emulates (see 1 Corinthians 11:1). Yesterday we noted how we have been wired to live life in community, and not isolation. The same is true of our discipleship. We were not meant to figure this out on our own. As Jesus called together a community of followers, so too are we to be part of group, growing together in our walk with him.

To be successful in our growth and development as followers of Jesus, we ought to be looking to and learning from someone more experienced in their walk with Christ, and we also should be modeling our walk for someone else.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for bringing people into my life who have shown me how to follow you more closely. Amen.

Action: Remember some of your mentors in faith and life. Consider writing a note of thanks to one or more of them.

Respond: Tell us about one of your mentors in the faith. Answer by clicking “Leave a Comment” below.
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