God’s provision

Date: Saturday, March 8

ScripturePsalm 147:7-11

Verse: He gives to the animals their food, / and to the young ravens when they cry. (Psalm 147:9)

It is fun to feed our pets. They get so excited. Some cats come running when they hear the pull tab from the can. Some dogs know when you are going for the food and jump for joy. Our dachshund will run into his pen in the hopes of getting a small treat. I remember going to a petting zoo when the children were small and seeing the animals run toward us when they heard the us turning the machine that gave us a handful of food for a quarter. Feeding our pets really bonds us to them, in ways few other things can. 

In Psalm 147:9 we are provided with this image of God feeding the animals. He provides their food. It is not something they do on their own, but has been given to them from the loving hand of God. The second half of that verse gives us an even warmer image of God feeding young birds. 

We can sometimes take our food for granted. Oh, we may say grace at the beginning of the meal, but how often to we actually recognize the ultimate provider of our food, drink, and life itself, is our loving God. Or maybe we take our homes for granted, or some of our possessions, or maybe our next breath. He provides not only for the animals, but for you and me. 

God’s love for us is complete – body and soul. And he provides for us. May we be the hands of God, as we feed our neighbors at Tri-Lakes Cares, the kids through the Snack Pack Program, and our neighbors and friends in need. 

Often I don’t jump for joy because God is feeding me. I need to get into that habit, as a means of being drawn closer to him. 

Prayer: Thank you Heavenly Father, for your grace and abundance. Amen. 

Action: Spend the day ahead in a posture of thanksgiving for every little thing. 

Respond: What do you have that you take for granted? Answer by clicking “Leave a Comment” below. 
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About Joe Iovino

Christian, husband & father, Associate Pastor in Monument CO, guitar player, motorcyclist, Mets fan.
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One Response to God’s provision

  1. Llsa says:

    I am always thankful for clean drinking water, warm showers, and electricity.

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