Grace multiplied

Date: Wednesday, January 22

ScriptureRomans 5:12-21

Verse: But law came in, with the result that the trespass multiplied; but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more (Romans 5:20)

Several years ago, I was at the Y every morning before the sun came up, so the first person I greeted every day was the person at the desk who scanned my card. Most mornings it was the same young woman, Grace, who amazed me with her smile and energy before 6:00am. I remember one morning giving thanks for being greeted by Grace every morning. As I said those words they struck me as something more profound. Every morning, each of us wakes up to the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

In this passage from Romans, Paul is sharing with his readers how Jesus’ obedience has brought grace to us, in a way similar to the way Adam’s sin brought death and condemnation upon us all. Paul’s point is that we don’t need to do anything except receive the gift and believe in order to be put right with God. We don’t need to earn, prove it, or do anything else to gain acceptance. It is a free gift offered to us.

When I look in the mirror at my life, I can see all the things I have done wrong, and sometimes I just need to look at yesterday, or earlier today, and can quickly point out all the places I have not been all God wants me to be. How wonderful it is to know that the power of grace is greater than the power of sin – “where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.” Or to put it another way, how wonderful it is to be greeted by grace every morning.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the grace you have extended to me. Amen.

Action: What sin are you holding onto that God has already forgiven you for?

Respond: Through whom have you experienced the grace of God? Answer by clicking “Leave a Comment” below.
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Christian, husband & father, Associate Pastor in Monument CO, guitar player, motorcyclist, Mets fan.
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One Response to Grace multiplied

  1. Llsa says:

    Everyone I know would be surprised, but God wouldn’t.

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