Leaving a legacy

Date: Saturday, October 26

Scripture2 Timothy 3:10-17

Verse: Now you have observed my teaching, my conduct, my aim in life, my faith, my patience, my love, my steadfastness, my persecutions and suffering the things that happened to me in Antioch, Iconium, and Lystra. What persecutions I endured! Yet the Lord rescued me from all of them. (2 Timothy 3:10-11)

Over the past couple of years, I have had the privilege of pastoring a man of God during the latter stages of his life. Those last months had been hard – failing physical health, failing memory, and many times when the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. I could see one of the bright spots for him were the visits from his children. Every so often I would meet one, and without fail I would see the love each had for him. After returning from one of those visits I said to my wife, “I hope my children someday talk about me the way his children talk about him.” I could see his legacy, the loving impression he had made on his family with a lifetime of love for them and for God.

In today’s passage, the one Pastor Bob will use for tomorrow’s sermon, the Apostle Paul is recalling his legacy. I find it interesting though that Paul does not so much see it as the story of his life, but instead as the story of the faithfulness of God throughout his life (vs 11). For him, the whole thing – his personality, gifts, and even struggles – points to the Lord.

All this week we have been considering what it means to leave a legacy, and how we might begin thinking about the legacy we might leave behind. Taking our cue from Paul we might shift our thinking to make our legacy more about God than ourselves. When we allow God to live in and through us, we are sharing something much greater than we could ever do on our own. We pass on more than “the good life.” We pass on the best life, eternal life, Kingdom life.

Prayer: May my life continue to reflect your faithfulness. Amen.

Action: Remember one whose legacy has informed you.

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