The church’s first sermon

Date: Friday, May 17

ScriptureActs 2:14-36

Verse: Being therefore exalted at the right hand of God, and having received from the Father the promise of the Holy Spirit, he has poured out this that you both see and hear. (Acts 2:33)

Every so often, we will meet someone who is extraordinary. They are humble and helpful. They think about others without giving a great deal of thought for themselves. They are generous with their resources and their time. They make those around them feel important and cared about. Oh, we cannot always put our finger on it. We simply know there is something different about them that separates them from the crowd. We Christians are called to be those people. We are called to be different – not weird, but different. 

When the Holy Spirit was poured out upon those first believers on Pentecost, the people around noted there was something very different about them. Certainly, something extraordinary was going on with their ability to be understood by people of every language present. Peter, though, wants the crowd to know something more than just exuberance is going on here. Because of Jesus resurrection, he says, God has given the gift of the Holy Spirit, and people are being changed by the indwelling of the Spirit. This, he says, is what the people surrounding them that day were witnessing. 

Often we work very hard to be “normal,” to fit in. But God has called us to be extraordinary. The gift of the Spirit dwelling within us changes our priorities. We have a new future leading toward resurrection, as evidenced in the resurrection of Jesus. We know God is here with us, and that changes not just our future, but also how we see the present. 

Prayer: O Holy Spirit, dwell in me and give me the courage to allow you to change me from the inside out. Amen. 

Action: Reflect on ways in which God is making you extraordinary through the gift of his Spirit. 

Respond: Have you known someone who lived life differently because they were filled with the Spirit of God? Answer by clicking “Leave a Comment” below. If you are receiving this via email, click the title at the top of the email to take you to the devotion webpage where you can leave a comment.


About Joe Iovino

Christian, husband & father, Associate Pastor in Monument CO, guitar player, motorcyclist, Mets fan.
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One Response to The church’s first sermon

  1. Mark Hatfield says:

    Bob Scharp! He is one of the most kind and giving men I have ever met. A great example of a servant leader.

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