Peter denies Jesus

Date: Saturday, March 16

ScriptureMark 14:66-72

Verse: But he began to curse, and he swore an oath, “I do not know this man you are talking about.” (Mark 14:71)

Several years ago while receiving a haircut, the stylist chatting with me somehow turned to her situation as a single mom and her fears for her children. I got the distinct impression she was feeling all alone, something I have heard from many single parents. I listened and did the counseling thing, but I never talked to her about Jesus, church, or anything spiritual. From our conversation, I was pretty sure she wouldn’t receive it well. I projected on her some preconceived notions of church, and kept my mouth shut. Really, I guess I was a little embarrassed. I was comfortable using some universally accepted techniques to get her to talk through her situation. I was far less comfortable talking about Jesus, and how he has given me a place where I am never alone. 

It is easy to get on Peter for denying Jesus, but he is all alone in that courtyard – the other disciples didn’t come this far. Not only that, we have been far more cowardly than Peter. I would imagine there have been times each of us has in some way denied our relationship with Jesus out of fear for what the other will think about us, a conversation we might be drawn into we don’t think we have time for, or simply out of embarrassment. LIke me with my hairstylist, you too may have avoided the overt conversation. 

When the rooster crowed, Peter remembered how he said he would follow Jesus even unto death, and how Jesus foretold of his three-time denial (see Tuesday’s devotion). Later we learn in other Gospel accounts that Peter is given the opportunity to confess Jesus three times (John 21:15-19), and is restored in relationship with Jesus and becomes the leader of the early Jewish-Christian church. 

I want to be more bold in who I am as a Christian. I want to talk about my relationship with Jesus more. I want to surprise others when they find in me one who loves Jesus, but is not what they might expect from a Christian. May I share the love of Jesus is what I do and what I say each and every day.  

Prayer: Lord Jesus, forgive me for the times I have chosen to save face and deny you. Give me the courage to let you live in and through my life and words. Amen. 

Action: Share what your relationship with Jesus has done for your life with someone in the days ahead. 

Respond: When have you taken the opportunity to talk to someone about what Jesus and your relationship with him means to you? Answer by clicking “Leave a Comment” below. If you are receiving this via email, click the title at the top of the email to take you to the devotion webpage where you can leave a comment. ‎


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